Frequently asked questions about our hot water systems in Byron Bay

(A) Some of the more common signs to look for include: water leakage, the pilot light not working properly, your system making strange noises or changing pressure constantly and cold water or no water running out of the taps.

(A) By establishing what energy sources are available on your property and the number of litres of hot water you require. Our team at Byron Hot Water can help you select the ideal system for your needs.

(A) There are two main types of systems available, which are instantaneous systems, (otherwise known as continuous flow), and storage systems.

(A) Instantaneous systems heat water rapidly, for on demand water use, but only heat smaller amounts of water. Storage systems take longer to heat water than instantaneous systems but allow access to larger amounts of hot water due to having a storage tank.

(A) There are four different heating methods used for hot water systems which are solar, electric, water boiler and heat pump.